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    Neone Know how i can start making my own sportscards?

    i want to make some
    i see a lot of people doing it now
    but i dont want to pay for photoshop and all of that
    is there a reliable safe cheap way of doing this?
    if so please let me know and let me in on ur secrets

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    I hear there is a program called GIMP that is free. Check it out.

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    if you want good ones, photoshop is really the only way to go

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    i use cs4 to make mine, but elements 7 is good too

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    no, theyre both the newest version of photoshop. you can get 30-day trials of each off of adobe's website

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    Great one more guy to make some fake crap thats the only reason anyone would make any thing.Go buy a box of cards ya have a bunch why make any or go work for upperdeck. Sorry everyone would feel this way after you payed $300 for a fake card off ebay.

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