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    what would be the best kind of protector for this?

    I have heard horror stories about cards sticking to screwdowns and ripping the card in half. and i dont really like toploaders unless i dont have anything else to put them in. i have a fear that the card will slip out and get damaged. would a magnet holder be the best, or just topload it with tape on the top?

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    I would put it into a one-touch magnetic holder.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tyude2 View Post
    magnetic one touch

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    wheres the best place to buy these holders in quantities? the best ive seen so far is 50 holders for $35.00 on this a good price, any better places to get them?

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    I have bought them at any local card shop . . . from my recollection, they cost more than $1.50 each. Therefore, I would think that, if you need that many, 50 for 35 would be a good deal.

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