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    Now making banners! Come get 'em!

    I'm making banners for those who want them. Nothing animated or anything real fancy. I need to know who you collect and if you want it to have an "old look" or not. Anything specific you want in the banner, tell me and I will try to do it!

    See PB here for examples!

    PS, a donation would be wonderful but by no means is at all necessary. If just some CC or a couple gaming cards (except yugioh and pokemon) or anything from my sig would be very much appreciated!

    PS PS, the finished banner will be posted here!

    Thank You!

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    hey ill take a kasey kahne one, just try to make it different than the one i have please. just make it however you want thanks

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    awesome thank you so much! could you just take off the griffeyjrfan collects part because im not collecting anything right now. ill give you 15 more cc on top of the 25 i already paid if you could. thank you and happy independence day!

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    colud you make me a verlander porcello inge one please thanx

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    Could you possibly make me one where it has the Packers on one side and the White Sox on the other, with GBforce12 collects? Also with the team colors in the backround?

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    Gbforce12, here is what I made, not sure if it's really what you wanted, sorry if it isn't:

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