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    Ebay Fakes turns into ebay issue for me.

    Well a few weeks ago I was on another site when I read thread about three certain sellers selling fake Topps Rookie Premier Calvin Johnson Red Autos and Calvin Johnson/Adrian Petersion Topps Rookie Premier Red Autos. I noticed one of the buyers I just won a card from them for like $32. I refused to pay for the card since I saw them selling TONS of fake buybacks, patches, and Topps Premier Autos.

    Well last night I get an unpaid item notification as expected so I left a negative warning people since the seller jmvariety09 has private feedback. Tonight I get hit with an unpaid item strike, I'm fine with that, what I am not fine with is 3 minutes later ebay member blameitonthealcohol hits a $300 BIN of mine. Immediately I am suspicous. I do some digging and find jmvariety09 and blameitonthealcohol live a couple miles apart in North Carolina. What are the odds that within 3 minutes someone who lives less miles apart than that both have something to do with my ebay account?

    I do some more digging and found that blameitonthealcohol changed their is from cardarhabit earlier this year. I googled that and found ALL sorts of good stuff about them fake patch selling and stuff. So now I am fuming because I know I am going to get my first negative. I remember that post from the other site and looked it up and guess what I found. These three links......

    Link 1 Fake Adrian Peterson/Calvin Johnson Red sold buy peopleschoice7373, jmvariety09 is selling a fake ADrian Peterson/Calvin Johnson Red right now.

    Link 2 Fake Calvin Johnson Red Auto sold buy jmvariety, peopleschoice7373 is currently selling a fake as well.

    What are the odds I am thinking both selling the same fake cards, both have private feedback for bidders, and sure enough I looked and BOTH live in North Carolina. Who knows how many other ids, just upset I put my foot down and refused to pay for a patch I won because they sold fake cards. BTW I also caught them buying regular base cards and reselling them as autographed buybacks. ;) I also found a nice link on another site about other ids of this guy, one was mentioned to be shoelessjoejackson, and proof of the other ids using certain ids to buy cards and others to sell the fake cards. I didn't want to post the link since it went to another tradesite. Alls you have to do is goodle cardsrahabit another id was damarcus8.

    This is what happens when you buy from frauds. In my defense they had 90+ feedback when I won it, little did I know all of it was from buying the month before. :( I just get sick and tired of seeing this creaps steal thousands of dollars from unimformed buyers. Heck if it wasn't for being around sites like this I probably wouldn't have known the difference between the real and fake cards. Unfortunately I had to change 5 pages of auctions to fixed price immediate payment required so it doesn't happen again.

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    Gotta love how Ebay does absolutely nothing to stop it too eh? Can never be too informed, thats for sure.

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    Well hopefully people leave ebay when their are some alternatives out there. Once, this starts happening EBAY and Paypal will listen. Of course until that happens Ebay does not care about anyone but their balance book (red) and (black).

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    there are actually two auction selling the dual auto red ink, can you tell me which one authentic?

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    Sure if you post links, its not too difficult. Unfortunately that set wasn't thought out all that much and is easier faked. Also see alot of Larry Johnson/McGahee fakes out there. Thing that stinks now everytime someone makes an offer on my ebay items I have to wonder if its this scumbag. If google ever came and make a true auction site to compete with ebay, google would immediately be getting my business thats for sure. I tried sportsbuy and it went well at first but that didn't last long.

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    i didnt realize u had a thread open, but i did post about this guy this morning when i was surfing ebay and stumbled upon this fake edwards auto: hope it all works out for you!

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    Yes, I started seeing posts about this guy popping up all over on sites only problem was it was too late after I won his auction. Since I bid on osmething they listed when they first started listing things. They have a bunch of ids, so until ebay makes it tougher for these people to make several sellers accounts there isn't much we can do.

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    Tha's pretty sickening. My dad has done similar things before by accident. I actually have to monitor his account to make sure he isn't getting ripped. Anyways, I'm 100% with you on an alternative to ebay. It will happen one day I hope - and hopefully they will be strict with scams. It's 100% illegal and borderline felony and they are completely safe doing it on ebay.
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    Actually if someone got ripped off by an ebay seller then do not only go after the seller, go after ebay as they are knowinly profiting from a crime which was illegal last time I checked

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    Quote Originally Posted by theonedru View Post
    Actually if someone got ripped off by an ebay seller then do not only go after the seller, go after ebay as they are knowinly profiting from a crime which was illegal last time I checked
    How could one go after ebay? Serious question, because this happens daily over and over with the same 10-15 sellers using multiple accounts. Then some people buy these cards and re-sell them knowing they were ripped off. THEN some people see the profits these guys make and make their own batch of fakes. It's a pretty awful spiral.
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