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    trading all my basketball for baseball in your favor

    have approx 200-300 basketball cards, all brands, all years, not sure who is a common , hof or star because i got bored with the lack of baseball cards during the off season, so bought all types of basketball packs at target and walmart, then realized, i didnt know anything about basketball(the only think i know is their is a topps kevin garnnett rc..supersonics i think?), so they are sitting in a shoebox collecting dust...i am looking to trade these WAAAYYY in your favor for baseball cards...let me know...what you have. i especially like autos, but will look at anything as i just want these basketball cards gone! let me know guys...thanks.

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    Do you have any Basketball GU or Autos. If so, pcmb.
    Wants: Autos: LeBron, Havlicek, Cousy, Wilt, Webber, Curry, Lonzo, Jordan, Ginobili, Jabbar, Judge, Jeter, Mattingly, Griffey

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    check my list for the small tradelist of baseball ... i need it gone too. was in same situation as ya.

    ill be happy to get a gu / auto back thanks

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    Your 2001 Topps baseball (the green 50 years version, right?) list, that was a need list, right? If so, I have 70 of your needs.

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