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Thread: LBJ auto cheap

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    Are you bidding? is the BV really just over 1k?

    It's been on my watchlist for a few days, and i just lost to a lebron ud black #'d 1/15 for 377, n my highest was 350....bummer

    would this be worth bidding verse?


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    Im selling mate, it has no BV as its too rare.
    They have sold for $460+ before so there's a guide for what it may reach.

    Cheers Nick

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    Nice card, but I am not sure I would classify anything over 350 as "cheap" ha ha.

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    haha insane!! I was winning this card, but as some people do on ebay, i was sniped out of it lol

    i hate ebay sometimes!

    verse, it was nice almost doing business with you lol


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