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    Horrible day so far, I'm relying on trading to make it better

    In the past I've had wants that I post here but I'm going to try something new.

    Anything you have that is ft that would match up well to something I have, post it. If you really want to know what to post, my wants are in my sig.

    offers only, not looking in buckets.

    please include a price.

    PM or on here I don't care

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    i have a jonnay bench gu for trade pm me if you need it thanks mike

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    I have 6 pending trades so I need 2 more (assuming they all go smoothly) to get to prospect level!

    please help

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    I could use your Dye Prime auto. I could trade HOF gu'ed for it. Shoot me a pm, and we'll work something out. Thanks, Kirk

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    i could use the subway yanks/mets 4 piece gu whats bv on it? i will find something that matchs up in bv so lmk?

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