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    Angry 08/09 Cosigners Pack Break BUT I NEED HELP!?!?!?!

    So I busted 2 packs of Cosigners and got a Kevin love rookie and an awesome Courtney Lee Rookie 3/10 XFractor of some sort. One problem... it is damaged badly! What should I do? It may sound stupid but i have never got a damaged card in a pack!

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    yea, probably call topps

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    these co-signers had massive problems as far as chipping goes

    Copy of sales receipt
    All wrappers from product
    UPC from the bottom of the box

    Attention: Consumer Relations
    Topps Company Inc.
    401 York Avenue
    Duryea, PA 18642

    Write em it works!!! Outstanding customer service

    As for phone number: 1-800-489-9149

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    tough luck on the C. Lee... hope topps takes care of that for you

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    Good Luck!! Hope Topps takes care of it!

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    Bummer, like said before though contact Topps, make sure you have a sales reciept or the wrapper from the pack as "proof"
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