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Thread: Carter not too high on Bosh

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    Carter not too high on Bosh

    Basically he comes right out and says the Raps should trade him.

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    I agree. He's like a Stromile Swift, just a very talented role player. The Raptors need a big time player in there, not a good role player.

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    perhaps Vince Carter ought to concentrate on getting healthy and doing what he can to develop a high pain tolerance, b/c every knick-knack injury results in him sitting out a few games.

    Kobe's had a sprained ankle, sprained wrist, sore knees, and sprained shoulder that he eventually needed surgery....yet he played in almost 82 games and all of the play-offs

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    Damn, seems like he should be more positive. Carter is fun to watch, but I wouldn't want him leading my team with all his injuries.

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    speaking of injuries, how about AI. he is the NBA's ultimate warrior.

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    I know Carter is such a wuss. Ouch I stubbed my toe I don't know if I can play tonight coach.

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    Carter really should take care of himself, and not worry about other players' before the season has even started. Once the season has started, and Carter is actually playing, and if Bosh is struggling, then Carter has the right to say what he wants. But as of now, Carter is in no postition to say that stuff.

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    I hope it doesn't effect the teams play when he gets here.

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    I do agree about Allen Iverson -- this guy just plays, period

    Injured or not

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    Bosh was a VERY dumb pick for Toronto... he still has a ton of work and he's skinny as hell. He's going to get ate alive!

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