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Thread: 2007 UD Sweet Spot Classic Tin

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    2007 UD Sweet Spot Classic Tin

    Legendary Letterman Honus Wagner Manufactured Patch Numbered 1/25- This sucks, I wish they would eliminate the manufactured crap

    Fred McGriff - Braves - Game-Used Jersey
    Lou Brock - Cards - Game-Used Jersey (He is wearing Card Grey on the card with Red/White/Blue sleeves) patch is white
    Jack Morris - Black Autograph Numbered 31/50 - Looks like a bat barrel - nice sig, but it's a bat - If he gets into the hall it may gain some value, but I wish it was a ball

    Overall, I was not really psyched about this tin - I would rather throw some ducks down on another hobby box

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    I would rather anything but the ball if I were you. The baseball isn't real leather so it fades over a couple years. I had seen some out of the pack that were faded. The baseball is made out of fake plastic consistancy leather.

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    Scan of pulls

    I saw a really nice Brock with the Red swatch that looked really nice..everything I have been pulling has been white.
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    Wagner books decently at least....good trade fodder if nothing else. Funny how some people prefer the barrel/glove autos and some just want one on the ball.
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