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    UN slams NKorean missile launches...with a sternly-worded letter *GASP*

    UN Security Council slams NKorean missile launches

    The Security Council condemned North Korea's weekend missile launches as a violation of UN resolutions as well as a threat to regional and international security.

    Ugandan Ambassador Ruhakana Rugunda, who chairs the 15-member body this month, said that members "condemned and expressed grave concern" over Saturday's North Korean ballistic missile launches.

    The launches "constitute a violation of UN Security Council resolutions and pose a threat to regional and international security," he said in a relatively mild, non-binding statement.
    What a useless organization

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    In "tough economic times," Obama should consider the US's withdrawal from this Jelly-of-the-month Club.

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    Just a shame that all they do is paperwork.

    I would get the same results if I sent a letter to North Korea.

    Right about now the leader of North Korea is sitting on the john getting ready to wipe using the UN letter.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rksnascards View Post
    Just a shame that all they do is paperwork.

    They fail at everything they do. All they should be allowed to do is paperwork.
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    ^^Amen. The organization fails due to the veto powers granted to communistic countries such as China and Russia. Yes I know Russia isn't communistic but the Cold War ending didn't change outlooks toward either country. Any time a bill comes that may interfer with any nation with similiar governments such as China they will support them every time.

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