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    New mail, Lots of different stuff

    Nice Testaverde Patch

    Josh Reed Patch

    Roddy White Patch

    DJack Patch

    Westbrook Patch

    Marcus Allen GUed

    Jim Kelly GUed

    Clinton Portis Dual RC

    McNabb/Staley Dual

    McGahee Gridiron King Dual

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    Steve Smith Front

    Keary Colbert Back

    Steve Smith GUed

    Steve Smith GUed

    Matt Leinart GUed

    Torry Holt GUed

    Palmer/Washington Dual RC

    Palmer Triple GUed

    Palmer Back

    Esiason Front

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    Cedric Benson Patch

    Brian Leonard Patch Auto

    Irons Dual GUed Auto

    Irons Quad Silver

    Irons/Taylor Dual

    Irons SP

    IRons Hunt Dual

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    Sweet patches, congrats
    Buying Quincy Carter GUs and Autos

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