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    Talking Biggest unexpected mailday of my life!!!

    i don't even know where to begin with something like this but definitely a huge thanks goes out to Mark (logopatchcards) and Lee (therussianrckt) for this amazing gift. as the title mentions, i didn't even know i had a mailday coming today when i received a package from Mark with 2 cards in it. the first card was a "Congratulations" card on my upcoming wedding this month. behind that card was this one:

    for 5 minutes i sat there staring at this card wondering how the heck this card made its way into my hands. last time i had seen this card, i had broken off talks with Brian (cfind) because the Lundqvist Black Cup RC 1/1 popped up on my radar and i wasn't going to go after both. turns out Mark and Lee went and picked it up as a wedding gift for me and the rest is history. still don't know what to say or how to properly thank the 2 of them but definitely another HUGE thanks to Mark and Lee and sorry to everyone else for the long read. :)

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    A $1500 card as a gift! Wow - congrats to you. That's insane, these guys are totally rich! So now you don't have the choice, you need to continue your Steve Mason collection!
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    Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats on that great gift!!!!!!!!!

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    Congrats on both. That's a great story.
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    WOW!!!!! Congrats on getting married and amazing friends you have to get you that card!!!!!

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    That is unreal. Congrats and very nice.

    Now you have to make the mariage work lol. Did your wife ask what they got her??

    Congrats again on the Card and the wedding
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