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    Kershaw/Elbert,Laroche,martin,loney,kemp DODGERS autos

    Have all types, years, brands, numbered/limited, 1/10', gold version, you name it of Clayton Kershaw Just minors cards, tri start prospects, and more...let me know what your looking for. im looking for autos in return,thx

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    I'm looking for any and all dodger cards ESPECIALLY Kershaw. LMK what you have of him. Maybe send me a PM and also let me know what you're looking for and I'll PM you what I have. My bucket has quite a bit in but is still missing much of my collection.
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    If either of your guys are interested, I have a kershaw 2006 BCDP auto, (3) kershaw 2008 BCDP refractors, and a TON of nice elbert stuff including gold refractors....



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