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    Need 2009 Finest Yunel escobar ALL COLORS

    I have the base card and the blue ref.

    need the rest


  2. Allgood (eBay Store)
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    hey roy,
    i still have those yunel escobars for you if you need them(bowman chrome rc, and bowman 2nd year cards) along with a small stack of yunel escobar base cards, topsp rcs, etc.. from your bucket i like the orlando hudson auto, adam lind auto and the adam moore auto(either one) always wanted to make a trade with you, so lets finally get one done! let , me know.

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    Nice to see you back on the site!

    Here is what i need for Yunel:
    2005-2007 Bowman Chrome
    2006-2009 Bowman Colored Ref.
    Numbered Cards

    Are you still going for the complete topps set?
    If so I still have the 5 1960 rookie cards available.

    From you bucket I like the Neftali Feliz Auto, Pedroia USA Rookie, Elvis Andrus Chrome Rookie First Year, John mayberry USA auto, Ricky Romero USA auto. (really want the mayberry/romero/feliz)

    Lets see if we can work something out.
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