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    Wttf: Pistons rc's, inserts, parallels, gu's, patches, and autos

    Anything really, lmk what you've got.
    Got this huge list of everything for trade/sale from me:

    Plus got these awesome autos:
    2000 Press Pass Authentics Eddie House auto
    2004 SP Signature Edition Authentic Signatures Boris Diaw auto
    2003 SPX Rookie Autographed Jersey Jason Kapano gu and auto
    2007 Bowman Sterling Marcus Vinicius auto

    and these gu's:
    2005 Bazooka Anderson Varejao GU
    2007 Fleer Ultra Award Winners Alonzo Mourning GU
    2004 UD Dimensions 3-D Memorbillia Reggie Miller 662/999
    2002 UD Finite Authentic Warm-Up Paul Pierce and Antoine Walker dual
    2001 UD Pros and Prospects John Stockton GU
    2003 Topps Jsy edition Jamal Mashburn GU
    2002 UD Game Plan Jersey Elton Brand GU
    2000 Fleer Feel the Game Shawn Marion GU
    2004 Fleer Genuine Insider Scoring Threats Dirk Nowitzki/Pau Gasol (GU of dirk only)

    Would also be willing to buy for the right price. Lmk thanks, Peyton

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    are you looking for both past and present? those in pistons uni only? lmk.. i might have stuff for you

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    Past and present...only in Pistons uniforms.
    I'm very interested to see what you've got.

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    Hey I have these. LMK if interested. Thx.

    06-07 Upperdeck Ovation Alex Acker Spotlight Signature $10

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    I'll pass on the Acker but I did find these 2 I liked, I'd like to ttrade for these but if you want sell I buy half of book value usually.
    05-06 Upperdeck Trilogy Jason Maxiell RC #625/999 $10 BV$6
    06-07 E-X Tayshaun Prince Clearly Authentics Autographs $12 BV$8
    Lmk thanks

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    Please check my tradelist for Piston cards.
    Collecting: Shaq, Yao, Yi Jianlian, Yuta Tabuse, Ha Seung Jin, Mengke Bateer, Sun Yue, Wang Zhizhi, Jeremy Lin, all Bleachers 23K Gold and selected Rookie Cards of NBA All-Stars

    Please check out my Hidden Content and tradelists: Hidden Content

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    Let me know if you would be interested in the Ben Gordon GU and the Richard Hamilton GU. Would like to sell. Let me know how much you would be willing to pay and we will go on from there.
    Collecting: Kris Bryant, Carlos Correa, and Brook Lopez RCs

    Hidden Content

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    Rebraca, Zeljko 2001-02 Ultra 180U Pistons 1235/2222
    Okur, Mehmet 2004-05 Topps Black 184 Pistons 234/500
    Billups, Chauncey 2008-09 Topps Gold Border 148 Pistons 311/2008

    Hill, Grant 1995-96 Ultra Scoring Kings Hot Packs 2 Pistons
    Thorpe, Otis 1996-97 Collector's Choice Mini-Cards M115 Pistons x6
    Stuckey, Rodney 2007-08 Fleer Rookie Sensations 14 Pistons
    Billups, Chauncey 2007-08 Topps 1957-58 Variations 17 Pistons
    Stuckey, Rodney 2007-08 Topps 1957-58 Variations 125 Pistons
    Billups, Chauncey 2008-09 Upper Deck First Edition Starquest Green SQ2 Pistons

    Ratliff, Theo 1995-96 Flair 214 Pistons
    Milicic, Darko 2003-04 Bazooka Mini 277 Pistons
    Delfino, Carlos 2003-04 Bowman 136 Pistons
    Blaylock, Will 2006-07 Bowman 119 Pistons
    Afflalo, Aaron 2007-08 SP Rookie Edition 81 Pistons
    Washington, Deron 2008-09 Upper Deck First Edition 243 Pistons x2

    Johnson, Vinnie 1990-91 Fleer 57 Pistons
    Hastings, Scott 1990-91 Hoops 105 Pistons
    Dumars, Joe 1990-91 SkyBox 84 Pistons
    Edwards, James 1991-92 Upper Deck 338 Pistons
    Houston, Allan 1994 Pro Mags 38 Pistons
    Mills, Terry 1994 Pro Mags 40 Pistons
    Reid, Don 1996-97 Collector's Choice 51 Pistons
    Hill, Grant 1997-98 Finest 308 Pistons
    Hill, Grant 1997-98 Topps 29 Pistons
    Laettner, Christian 1999-00 Metal 82 Pistons
    Stackhouse, Jerry 1999-00 Metal 122 Pistons
    Hill, Grant 1999-00 Metal 142 Pistons x2
    Laettner, Christian 1999-00 Topps Gallery 32 Pistons
    Hill, Grant 1999-00 Topps Gallery 90 Pistons x2
    Hill, Grant 1999-00 Topps Gold Label Class 1 38 Pistons
    Stackhouse, Jerry 1999-00 Topps Gold Label Class 1 71 Pistons
    Curry, Michael 2000-01 Fleer Futures 15 Pistons
    Stackhouse, Jerry 2000-01 Upper Deck Victory 57 Pistons
    Stackhouse, Jerry 2001-02 Fleer Exclusive 55 Pistons
    Williamson, Corliss 2001-02 Fleer Force 32 Pistons
    Robinson, Clifford 2001-02 Fleer Force 74 Pistons
    Barros, Dana 2001-02 Fleer Force 150 Pistons
    Stackhouse, Jerry 2001-02 Fleer Genuine 53 Pistons
    Barros, Dana 2001-02 Fleer Maximum 88 Pistons x2
    Stackhouse, Jerry 2001-02 Fleer Platinum 77 Pistons
    Stackhouse, Jerry 2001-02 Fleer Shoebox 9 Pistons
    Barry, Jon 2001-02 Fleer Shoebox 16 Pistons
    Robinson, Clifford 2001-02 Fleer Shoebox 56 Pistons
    Williamson, Corliss 2001-02 Upper Deck MVP 47 Pistons
    Robinson, Clifford 2002-03 Fleer Hot Shots 40 Pistons
    Williamson, Corliss 2002-03 Fleer Hot Shots 76 Pistons
    Williamson, Corliss 2003-04 Bazooka 57 Pistons
    Okur, Mehmet 2003-04 Fleer Platinum 148 Pistons
    Wallace, Ben 2003-04 Topps 30 Pistons x2
    Robinson, Clifford 2003-04 Topps 60 Pistons
    Okur, Mehmet 2003-04 Topps 152 Pistons
    Williamson, Corliss 2003-04 Topps 203 Pistons x2
    Wallace, Ben 2003-04 Upper Deck Victory 25 Pistons
    Robinson, Clifford 2003-04 Upper Deck Victory 26 Pistons
    Campbell, Elden 2004-05 Fleer Tradition 6 Pistons
    Williamson, Corliss 2004-05 Topps 97 Pistons
    Okur, Mehmet 2004-05 Topps 184 Pistons
    Ham, Darvin 2004-05 Topps Total 114 Pistons
    Okur, Mehmet 2004-05 Ultra 168 Pistons
    Wallace, Ben 2005-06 SPx 23 Pistons
    Wallace, Ben 2005-06 Topps 133 Pistons
    Hamilton, Richard 2006-07 Topps Luxury Box 8 Pistons x2
    Thomas, Isiah 2006-07 Topps Luxury Box 42 Pistons
    Prince, Tayshawn 2007-08 Artifacts 26 Pistons
    Hamilton, Richard 2007-08 Fleer Hot Prospects 28 Pistons
    Hamilton, Richard 2007-08 SP Rookie Edition 43 Pistons
    Billups, Chauncey 2007-08 Topps 17 Pistons
    Wallace, Rasheed 2007-08 Topps 30 Pistons
    Hamilton, Richard 2007-08 Topps 61 Pistons
    Thomas, Isiah 2007-08 Topps Co-Signers 35 Pistons
    Hamilton, Richard 2008-09 Fleer 9 Pistons
    Maxiell, Jason 2008-09 Fleer 10 Pistons
    Prince, Tayshawn 2008-09 Fleer 11 Pistons
    McDyess, Antonio 2008-09 Fleer 14 Pistons
    McDyess, Antonio 2008-09 Fleer Glossy 14 Pistons
    Hamilton, Richard 2008-09 Hot Prospects 35 Pistons
    Wallace, Rasheed 2008-09 Hot Prospects 84 Pistons
    Thomas, Isiah 2008-09 Topps 1958-59 Variations 173 Pistons
    Billups, Chauncey 2008-09 Topps Treasury 11 Pistons
    Hamilton, Richard 2008-09 Topps Treasury 60 Pistons
    McDyess, Antonio 2008-09 Upper Deck 47 Pistons x2
    Billups, Chauncey 2008-09 Upper Deck 48 Pistons x4
    Maxiell, Jason 2008-09 Upper Deck 49 Pistons x4
    Wallace, Rasheed 2008-09 Upper Deck 50 Pistons x3
    Hamilton, Richard 2008-09 Upper Deck 51 Pistons x2
    Stuckey, Rodney 2008-09 Upper Deck 52 Pistons
    Prince, Tayshawn 2008-09 Upper Deck 53 Pistons x3
    Maxiell, Jason 2008-09 Upper Deck First Edition 49 Pistons
    Hamilton, Richard 2008-09 Upper Deck First Edition 51 Pistons
    Stuckey, Rodney 2008-09 Upper Deck First Edition 52 Pistons
    Hamilton, Richard 2008-09 Upper Deck First Edition Gold 51 Pistons

    LMK if you can use any. I'll review your list for Jazz cards I can use.
    WTTF: ANY Jazz cards I don't already have yet.
    Also interested in these insert sets:
    2012-13 Innovation Stained Glass (have 37/100)
    2013-14 Innovation Rookie Stained Glass (have 12/25)
    2013-14 Innovation Stained Glass (have 23/75)

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    im sure ive replied b4 to 1 of ur threads but here it goes could u please cmb i have Pistons autos/patches/gus/#ed in my bucket lmk
    cheers bro

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shaqaholic View Post
    Please check my tradelist for Piston cards.
    I like these:
    Amir Johnson - Rookie Debut (2.5)
    96-97 Ultra Gold Medallion G238 Rasheed Wallce
    Skybox Ragin' Rookies RR8 Lindsey Hunter
    Fleer 88-89 32 Tayshuan Prince

    Check out some of the cards i have to trade in return:

    Lmk thanks

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