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    Your Opinion on these Auto's Posters plus Some Questions

    A while ago i bought these 2 signed posters off of a guy.

    Im wondering what you guys/gals are thinking as far as authenticity goes. I know they are not stamped or reprints or anything.

    (sorry for the direct links, idk how to srink the sizeof the pics. I know how to make them really small, but not like medium)

    Johnny Unitas-

    Unitas Auto-

    Unitas Auto again-

    Dominic Rhodes/Peyton Manning/Marvin Harrison triple-



    Peyton again-



    I know the pics arent all that great, i apologize for that.

    Also, who do you recomend for an authenticator? I was thinking PSA. But for both it would be about $100. idk.

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    The Unitas looks pretty good, but I'd have to say the Colts one is definately not good.

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    Same here, the Unitas looks real but the Manning, Harrison, and Rhodes are Fake.

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    Hmm. I always thought the trick with Peytons was that is the M really looking liked a perferfect "3" on the side, it was most likely real, but i guess fakers know that too.

    If i send them BOTH into PSA, its gonna cost me like $125. so i only want to do if people think they are real. Maybe ill just send in the Unitas for $30 plus shipping.

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    when u look @ peyton's auto, it cursive, and he doesnt sign cursive

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    i just compared it to a few autos i found online and it looks similar. Not trying to argue my case or anything, just sayin.

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    i collect manning religously and theres no way i'd touch that auto,totaly fake in my eyes.

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    Ok. Thanks man!

    So im gonna go with that the triple is fake.

    Anyone else have any input on the Unitas? Or the triple?

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    They Peyton Manning does look questionable to me, and that was before I continued reading this thread. His last name doesn't look right to me.

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