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    panini redeeming a 6 year old redemption for me!!

    well, last year i bout a few packs of 2003 donruss classics football and pulled a redemption card for a significant signatures autograph card # 105.(i beleve it was a wide reciever but cant remember who is was)

    well, i contacted panini/donruss and simply ask them if they still can redeem it for me. even though its 6 years old and probably expired 4 years ago, i feel if we, as collectors are still buying this product, and pull a redemption, we are still intitled to a card... well they agreed and i just got the email saying its been shipped!!!. even if i dont get the same card.. i am happy i am still getting something... iam very happy with their customer service! seems like they are doing their jobs... i sent the card in for redemption less than 2 weeks ago and its already on its way... i cant be more happier

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    yes, keep us updated! Very cool!

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    Thats great news, congrats
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    Gotta love panini's customer service,they sent me a y.a tittle signature patch as a replacement for my craig davis leaf r and s college patch auto.They seem more apt to upgrade if they don't have the card the redemption is for so far so good with panini

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    That's far it seems like they are making a genuine effort to win over hobbyists and do right by them instead of just buying a company and trying to profit.

    Give us an update when it comes.

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    thanks for the comments guys. yes i was really suprised! and am also very impressed with their customer service! like i said, i dont care what they send me(i know the redemption wasnt of a great player) im just glad that they are redeeming it. but hopefully it should be here by this saterday or monday... ill keep you all posted

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    Kudos to Panini for honoring a 6 year old redemption card. Other companies would probably turn the other way and leave you on your own.

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    man thats a great story other companys would of thought this a joke!!

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