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Thread: WTB PETER MUELLER again!

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    Arrow WTB PETER MUELLER again!

    Thanks to some ppl picked up a lot of muellers!

    I still need more!

    Please post scan and what u need for it

    I have plenty of paypal and high end cards for trade.

    I need only high end muellers ill tell you if i have them or not

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    Someone made it for me for free in then graphics board on here =)

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    i cant remember i just posted a thread asking if someone could make one and someone was nice enough too

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    gooch, do you have a wheeler opcp rc on the bay? i tried messaging you on ebay

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    yes i do i havent looked at ebay emails lol since i get a million asking if ill ship to finland

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    I've got a Mueller 07/08 Artifacts Rookie--silver parallel #'d /100

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