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    FT: Ben Gordon/Raymond Felton Dual Autograph w/scan

    I have a Ben Gordon/Raymond Felton 06-07 Topps Full Court Co-Signers Dual Autograph #47 BV $30 for trade. I am looking to trade for another Autograph that catches my eye in BB, BKB, or FB. If interested please let me know what Auto's you have available for trade or make an offer. Thank you.

  2. SCC End 2017
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    Wants: Autos: LeBron, Havlicek, Cousy, Wilt, Webber, Curry, Lonzo, Jordan, Ginobili, Jabbar, Judge, Jeter, Mattingly, Griffey

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    Quagmire41: Like previously mentioned before in another thread I have you responded to, all I seen of interest is the Ichiro Patch, sorry. Thanks though.

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