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Thread: Best Pull of my LIFE!

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    Best Pull of my LIFE!

    Okay so just got back from a trip to my home town and stopped at the card shop on the way back. Picked up 2 packs of Topps trade mark moves 07-08. I was hopeing for the triple auto no matter who was on it. Little did i know it would be my biggest pull to this date! INSANE!

    Been a Shaq fan my whole life! This made my day :)
    hope you enjoyed. thanks for checkin out the post!

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    SICK CARD!!!!!!!!!! congrats!!!!! but Shaq's auto looks a little slanted

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    Usually Robinson's auto runs off the sticker but looks like you got the whole thing, great pull!!!!

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    Awesome Pull!!!
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    Sick Triple Auto pull!! Yea nice to see that Robinsons Auto stayed on the sticker for you! Congrats!!!! thanx :)

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    Sweet card! To bad they didn't put them all on the clear stickers.

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