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    Hardest to Find OSHIES are here

    these are some oshies that took me forever still have 3 incoming besides these rookie class was easy the other two hard to find and now YG SET COMPLETED

    Rookie Class

    YG Exclusive /100

    and finally

    Clearcut Rookies /100
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    Nice additions, those Clearcut Rookies are sweet cards
    Lee Stempniak
    (96.9%, 28 1/1's, 5 Gamers, 3 Sticks) & Cal Clutterbuck (91.0%, 21 1/1's, 1 Stick)
    Also always looking for Paul Stastny & Current Sabres RC's
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    Congrats man, I was soooo happy when I got the YG set for Ericsson complete (still havnt seen a single plate though...LOL) but keep an eye out for the Rookie Class auto version, there out there, I didnt know it existed though till 1 poped up on the Bay! Clearcuts is suh-weet too!

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    i know what you mean the auto i have seen 0 of and the YG /100 this one was hard to get and the clearcut is the first ive seen

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