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Thread: Canucks PC mail haul

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    Canucks PC mail haul

    Hello everyone,

    This mail is gonna start of different for me. Seeing how Mason Raymond doesn't have many new cards to go after and me needing something to buy i decided to try a Canucks team set. I choose 09 Bap players club autos as the set. After only 3 weeks i have 6/8. I still need Daniel Sedin and Ryan Kesler, and i grabbed the Mason Raymond last month. May grab the non autos players club in the future.

    09 BAP players club #/15

    A few Mason Raymond cards

    Team issue jumbo...

    09 spring expo priority signing

    07/08 artifacts Blue parallel #/25 ( Why are these appearing now? I hate you upperdeck!!!)

    Continued in post below

  2. SCC End 2017
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    And lastly a few Cory Schneiders

    09 artifacts redemption from upperdeck

    09 opc blank back( why scan the back when the players on the front

    09 bap players club #7/10

    OPC Premier patch auto # 4/15

    Thanks everyone for viewing.

    but wait there is 1 more card





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    Sweet Canucks haul and congrats on the amazing Schneider 1/1 patch

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    That's how a 1/1 should be! Not all white patches, lol (Abdelkader).

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    Sick new mail, especially that 1/1!
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    nice haul!
    i just about had a heart attack when i saw the numbering on your schneider bap i could have sworn i bought #7/10 but turns out i got #6/10 lol (still waiting on it being delivered). how much did you get the 1/1 for? i know the bin was 800 ish cnd.
    anyway those are some great PC additions congrats!

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    Quote Originally Posted by littlekane1088 View Post
    That's how a 1/1 should be! Not all white patches, lol (Abdelkader).

    Upperdeck should lose there exclusivity(is that a word) for doing some dumb crap like all white. Isn't Kane's OPCP from last year almost all white???

    Still wondering when will the Raymond OPC 1/1 appear?

    And thanks for the comments so far.

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    sweet cards, the 1/1 is awesome
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