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Thread: Are these cards fake???

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    mm, can't really tell from these pics..would need a much closer look at the card. Ebay actually has an article regarding how to spot fake jordan fleer rc from the real one. I'm not sure if I can post ebay links here, but you can just go on google and search for 'how to spot a fake jordan rookie' and it should be the first link you get. Hope this helps.


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    Looked at that one and several other sites...
    I just wanted to have some more experienced people look and let me know if there were any SURE signs if the card was fake or not.

    Any feedback is appreciated as I have a trade in the works if they are real.

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    they look to perfect to me, i mean the real ones are obv. old and those look too crisp

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    One online guide said that if there was no decimal point between the 27 and 2 under avg it was a guaranteed fake. Just wanted to make sure.

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    Anyone else?
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    I would say fake. If you look at the "how to spot a fake" thread, it has a number of factors that fit the 'fake' ruling. As a matter of fact, it has about 5 I could see just from the scans you provided, many of the other factors need to be seen in person/up close though.

    Read that, you'll see the things I noticed too :)

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