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Thread: *~Packacopia~*

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    Ud store today. Their pack selection is dwindling. I furthered the dwindle with these:

    6 ud2
    4 spx
    3 masterpiece
    4 black diamond

    UD2- porter yg, bs inserts
    spx- spxtreme Turris
    masterpiece- borje salming brown border, Neely green border auto /35
    black diamond- sbisa <><><> , Pitkanen quad jersey /10

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    Not a bad haul from those packs! Nice score on the Neely.

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    That Pitkanen sounds nice, I'd like a shot at it. LMK if you can use something from me.

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    Nice, need Sbisa and Pitkanen, PM me if they're FT.

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    Looks like you should have left the UD2 where they layed, but the other packs more then made up for them. Nice hits with Cam and Joni!!

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    could use the neely cmb please :)
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    so no SPA packs? How many SPA boxes did they have left?

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    Quote Originally Posted by FuriousD82 View Post
    so no SPA packs? How many SPA boxes did they have left?
    SPA is one of the only products not marked down 30%. They had plenty of SPA, at least 3 boxes, I believe. They still have $10 opc and ud2 blasters too.

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