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    Selling: Michael Jordan 4/23 BV 10 years ago was $500

    I have a michael jordan 1998-1999 upper deck michael jordan extreme brilliance numbered to 23 ( 4/23 ) card is in mint condition and in case since i pulled it perfect for a jordan collector selling for $400 OBO not sure on the book value now but 10 years ago it was $500 send me your offers thanks for reading.

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    I have several pics of the card do you want them

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    im new to this but i tried posting pics and it wouldnt let me so if you want pics put your email in here and i will send the pics to you or send me an email at thanks

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    if you need any help trying to figure out how to make a photobucket to upload pictures of your cards...feel free to ask me.

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    hey phillies i was looking to sell the card not really a trade let me know what you are willing to pay i was asking around $400 OBO so just let me know this card is perfect a 9.5 or higher easily if you dont want to buy but trade i guess let me know what you have i really dont wanna trade need money sorta but i will see what i can do thanks

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    yea i know i had a reserve on it and it didnt reach my price not a good time to sell on ebay

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