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    FT/S: 08 BC Mike Moustakas Refractor AU /500 (BGS 9.5)

    I'll check buckets, but I'm only looking for 2 cards max back in return for it. Also selling.


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    Please CMB..... And, PM me with a price as well for paypal.

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    I would guess some of this stuff isn't available, but this is everything I liked...

    Ripken Sweet Spot
    Mattingly Sterling
    Manning Ultimate
    Bird Exquisite
    Rudy Fernandez SPA
    Magic Exquisite
    Melo Exquisite
    Nash Exquisite

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimthomefan500 View Post
    please cmb for it
    I didn't see anything for it, sorry man. Unless you want me to add a TON to it for that sweet Jeter though, lol.

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    I've got a cash offer pending that I'll be accepting tomorrow unless someone tops it. Just a heads up that this is your last chance at it to anyone interested.

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