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Thread: $100 USD PP For Malkin!

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  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    malkins i have 4 sale

    Quote Originally Posted by collins1425 View Post
    i have 08-09 frozen artifacts jersey swatch
    0809 frozen artifacts jersey/patch #d/10
    0809 tundra tandems ovie/malkin #d/75
    also have his victory rookie

    lmk if interested


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    let make a deal

    Quote Originally Posted by collins1425 View Post
    hey Joe! what price are ya lookin at?

    hey how are you? 1st i should be getting feedback soon on my 1st trade so i hope we're still down for that unless you want to put it together as 1 big deal. throw me some numbers and i will let you know. you've been cool to me so i'd rather work with you, but i have had some other offers that i'm not taking cuz i'm waiting it out. lmk


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