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    Mystery mechanism drove global warming 55 million years ago

    I didn't realize we had cars and huge human populations 55 million years ago! You learn something new everyday. :) Because we all know humans cause Global Warming.
    A runaway spurt of global warming 55 million years ago turned Earth into a hothouse but how this happened remains worryingly unclear, scientists said on Monday.

    Previous research into this period, called the Palaeocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum, or PETM, estimates the planet's surface temperature blasted upwards by between five and nine degrees Celsius (nine and 16.2 degrees Fahrenheit) in just a few thousand years.

    The Arctic Ocean warmed to 23 C (73 F), or about the temperature of a lukewarm bath.
    What is even more funny is we could have all swam in the hot waters of the Artic Ocean 55 million years ago and some how the earth survived Global Warming. Now we are going to spend trillions fighting Global Warming today that is not even as close as the Global Warming that we have had over and over for the past 55 million or more years!

    Or could Global Warming just be a political tool to scare people into spending money?

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    Why don't you see how happy people are when that lukewarm water fills up their living room? Oversimplifying issues is just as much a problem as overcomplicating them

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikesilvia View Post
    Or could Global Warming just be a political tool to scare people into spending money?

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    Mike's right. We need to shrug off carbon footprints, and agree with Republican Mike Pence, who, in his Greenhouse Gas Regulation under Clean Air Act, says, under Sec. 19 (b):

    "The impact of greenhouse gas on any species...shall not be considered for any purpose."

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    Yanks is right. We need to shrug off all the contrary scientific evidence (like the media already has) and blindly follow Al Gore to Utopia.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OnePimpTiger View Post
    Yanks is right. We need to shrug off all the contrary scientific evidence (like the media already has) and blindly follow Al Gore to Utopia.
    Ill jump on that bus.... he did invent the internet you know

    The earth has been warming and cooling by itself for millions of years... unless of course you think the dinosaurs warmed the earth up to melt the ice by using their deodorant out of an aerosol can...

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    Even if we only leave a fraction (unless the stubborn conservatives want to even argue THAT), is it not worth reducing effluence? Wait, what am I thinking? It's far too hard to give up wastefulness. Sorry, OPT, for a moment I thought you might be broad-minded. Silly of me.

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    Go watch a steel mill operate then tell me how you think you could do it more efficiently.... Then look around at everything you use that is made of steel.... Your silly little emissions are fine for places why rely on computers and a little prius to make money. To live how we have all come to live we are going to make a "carbon footprint" It has become a way of life and i personally like how i live.... like it enough not to really worry about an overpaid thinker to decide global warming may actually happen

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    I liken the whole carbon theory to the theory of God. Many individuals are able to sacrifice their freedom, intellectual appearance, sanity, career opportunities, for a chance at a golden afterlife. Well, those who believe in humans' impacts on the environment, sacrifice a little bit as well: recycling (I know that can be tough), volunteerism (yikes!), environmental sustainability, et cetera, for the SLIGHTEST chance that it can make an impact for the next generation. I do understand higher thinking is difficult, so no hard feelings for wanting to maintain your current lifestyle. Don't get me wrong, I, too, believe global warming is exadurated, but no one can contest that humans need to clean it up a bit. OPT, I'll see if I can dig up the thread where Mike also admits. Since you tend to blindly follow his lead, it may help you.

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