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    I am looking for a logoman of one of the following players. Emblems will work just as well (in 08/09 Ultimate). An ebay auction link just wont cut it. I am looking for you to give me either e-mail, scf id, aim name, msn messenger name, or other contact information of the person who has the logoman. If we end up working out a deal, I WILL GIVE YOU $20!!! So chances are if you give me contact info of somebody who has one of these guys, you will get $20 (assuming the price is right). The more you names you give me, the better chance you have of getting the $20. I MAY BE BUYING MORE THAN ONE LOGOMAN AND I WILL GIVE $20 PER LOGOMAN I BUY TO WHOEVER TELLS ME ABOUT IT. So if you tell me the whereabouts of 5 logomen, and I buy 2 of them, you get $40!

    Carmelo Anthony
    Amare Stoudemire
    Vince Carter
    Paul Pierce
    Ray Allen
    Josh Smith
    Steve Nash
    Chris Paul
    Brandon Roy
    Dwight Howard
    Andre Iguodala
    Tracy McGrady
    Kevin Garnett
    Chauncey Billups
    Shawn Marion
    or pretty much anybody of that level

    Let the games begin!!


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    I have a Richard Hamilton in my bucket. Logoman 1/1 LMK Thanks

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    Sorry, I am only looking for Upper Deck. Thanks though!

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