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    I'm only 12 cards from completing the 99 hologrfx master set, can anyone help?

    I've been working on this set for a long time now and I'm finally within a dozen cards of completing it. I've gotten most of the more difficult cards and now I'm just trying to fill in the last few gaps and get this done. Even if you have just one card like the corey koskie ausome I can definitely use them, and I would be willing to trade or buy any of the cards I need to complete this. I also have no problem with trading game used cards to get some of the more difficult ones I need. If you have anything on this list I would really appreciate your help. The listed cards are what I still need, anything not listed I have already. I also have multiple duplicates of the pat burrell rookie card from this set, including an extra ausome parallel if anyone needs that.

    Edit- Just picked up a few of the ones I needed, now only 6 away from finishing this!

    Base (60/60)- complete

    Base ausome parallels (59/60)-
    33 Corey Koskie

    Launchers (15/15)- complete

    Launchers Gold (12/15)-
    L1 Mark McGwire
    L2 Ken Griffey Jr.
    L14 Frank Thomas

    Future Fame (6/6)- complete

    Future Fame Gold (6/6)- complete

    Starview (9/9)- complete

    Starview Gold (7/9)-
    S3 Sammy Sosa
    S7 Mike Piazza

    UD Authentics autographs (12/12)- complete
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    cool set!! good luck getting the remaining ones!

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    Wish I had them for ya, could really use the Gonzalez auto you have,

    but I can direct you to the ausome Koskie you need..follow this link..mention id 33342

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