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    WANT: KOBE Jersey - Low End Stuff

    Looking for Low-End KOBE Jersey and Kobe Base wiht #24.

    Will trade down autos/patches or Buy if price is right. Thanks!!

    Everything FT except for HTG section...unless you are trading HUGELY in my favor! Thanks!!


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    Don't have any Kobe jerseys, but I'm interested in a couple of your Legend auto in both your normal and htg sections.

    Give my list a look-over. If something catches your eye, let me know
    Collecting Hall of Fame, Future Hall of Fame, and Retired Star autographs in MLB, NBA, and NFL.

    International Traders: I no longer mail to the Philippines.

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    i have a 04 upper deck 3 Dimensions kobe bryant GU #6/999.. let me know if anything ya need... thanks joseph

    AIM: jorypurvis

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