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    How do you go about selling cards?

    I am thinking about selling some of my cards and I was wondering what some of you base your sale prices on when selling. Do you go by a different precentage off of BV for each level such as base up to autographs or do you take another route? Any help would be much appreciated.

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    I just throw up a price of what I thinks fair. I don't use 3rd party sources.

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    I usually try to get about 50% of bv of my cards and usually always lower. Telling buyers that the price is neogitable or best offer is a big turn-on because it gives more freedom to the collector. Especially if they offer some big bucks. This is the best because if you set a price that it set and stone and no one can negotiate you'll lose a lot of buyers nad if you say make an offer it's hard because you don't know how much they want or if you offer too much or too little and then the seller gets offended, too much work. Good luck and hope this helps! thanks

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    i base my prices off of ebay unless its a lowend card
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