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Thread: Congratulations!!!!!!!!

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    To ern&rhi'scardmess!

    Ernie and Rhiannon are now engaged!!! Ernie popped the question on Wednesday. I wish I had more details then that, but that's all I got!

    You two make a great couple and here's to many years of cardboard bliss!!

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    Aw congrats guys! Hopefully you cans can get some marriage mojo!

    ps...glad she said yes haha

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    Congrats, Ernie and Rhiannon, on your engagement!


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    awww love is beautiful!!!

    congrats x4545645675676!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    congrats! wait did you 2 meet on here? wherever they are...

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    I was with them today Pete. He did it at the falls in PG (at the Lake near were they live). We need to all get together again and have a card buying extravaganza!!! Oh wait I need some money first!!! There is always something!! LOL! Congrats to Ern & Rhi!!! They make an awesome couple.


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    Congrats guys-may it be a cardtastic marriage :)

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    Aww! Congrats Ernie and Rhiannon!!! That's exciting!! :)

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