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Thread: Yzerman 02/03 SOTT FT

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    Yzerman 02/03 SOTT FT

    Looking for a nice datsyuk or Zetty. Will scan later.

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    I have this Zetty FT:

    01/02 Top Shelf Rookie Redemptions TS-3 #61/100

    Its a wash $$ wise, lmk if you are interested.


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    Crater - pretty sure I have that one, I picked up most the zettys back in '03
    Pig - around $80, I thought they were $100 when I posted it. and I'm only looking for a 1:1 trade. i collect alot of Wings hard signed autos so I don't need to dump it off.

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    NP, if you don't happen to have it and are interested, lmk.


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    I was wondering because I've got a Zetterberg Ultimate Stick/Skate/Jersey that I may move from the PC for something else in the PC.

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    Crater - my problem is I have 2 boxes in storage I can't get at, I'm not sure what's hidden in there for now, but pretty sure I have it.

    Pig- - I think I can use it, I have one thats a dual of him and the triple Datsyuk version, I'll have to check. What year was it from?

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    I'll double check it when I get home. It looks like I've never scanned it for some reason.

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    xirxious - here's what the title is exactly...

    2003-04 BAP Ultimate Memorabilia
    Fourth Edition
    Henrik Zetterberg 17/30

    LMK if you need it.. I've also got an Yzerman I'm thinking of moving (not a fan of slabbed cards) It's the 2004-05 ITG Ultimate 5th Edition, Stick & Jersey Silver 24/25

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