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Thread: Weird Nationals Question...

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    Weird Nationals Question...

    ...but I need an answer, haha. My question is what should I wear to the Nationals? Should I wear Packers or Ohio State stuff since I'm a huge fan, or will that just cause dealers to look to get more $$$ from me for those cards? Any help is appreciated!

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    What? I'm actually curious because I won't have a lot of cash and I'd like to spend as little as possible.

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    Honestly i dont think it matters..Most dealers atleast SHOULD already have prices listed on everything..When spending this much money for a table ($1,000) I'd hope you have prices listed, no prices means i leave and dont ask...

    However i will be wearing a different jersey everyday!

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    LoL just wear a white T and Now U dont know to worry about the dealers jerking you around....

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    Without a doubt, Wolf T shirt. Should you question my suggestion, read the "testimonials" within the attached link.

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