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Thread: 2009 allen ginter trade list

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    2009 allen ginter trade list

    clayton kershaw auto
    max scherzer auto
    joe mauer pinstripe jersey
    corey patterson bat
    chipper jones jersey
    yovani gallardo jersey x2
    dontrell willis jersey
    mike cameron bat
    fukudome jersey
    ichiro bat

    im looking for other 2009 allen ginter bats/jerseys/auto and some base to complete my set

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    Im interested in most of them.
    Can you CMB?


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    comgrchris- i really would like a shot at one of those longoria bowman sterling autos!!

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    I have these:

    Mark Teixeira Jersey

    Base: 8, 54, 67, 106, 141, 190, 199, 242, 257, 289

    let me know if we can work anything out.
    Shipping: I only ship to U.S. Addresses!
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