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Thread: Buying these RCs

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    Buying these RCs

    Please PM me with how much you are looking for.

    Giroux- Ice
    Oshie- SP Authentic, SPx, Ultimate, Ice
    Filatov- SPx, SP Authentic, Ultimate, Young Guns Exclusives
    Krejci- Ultimate
    Lucic- Ultimate, SPx
    Malkin- Young Guns
    Parise- SP Authentic, Ultimate, Ice
    Fleury- Young Guns
    Getzlaf- SP Authentic
    Franzen- Hot Prospects, Ultimate, SP Authentic, SPx
    Jeff Carter- Ultimate, SP Authentic
    Mike Richards- SP Authentic, Ice

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    i have filatov spx..

    i took the last five completed sales on ebay with shipping included (for the spx), and averaged them out to get this: 34.27

    so i guess 34.27 dlvd? lmk either way

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    I believe I have all 3 parises

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    My Lucic and Krejci extras are for sale and I have multiples of many of their auto'd RC's.

    PM me which ones you want and how many you are willing to buy.
    Thanks, Nathan

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