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    if you have any 3 color jerseys........

    i will give you double book value if i am interested. give me the set and # on the card and who its of and ill get back to you

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    I have these:
    2001 Pacific Vanguard dual Patch version Toomer(3 Sanders(2 (# 08/50)

    2001 Pacific Titanium Post Season cards:
    Rob Johnson jersey(3 clr)
    Eddie Kennison jersey (3 clr)

    I also have a 2002 Atomic Patch card of Troy Edwards. It is #63/100 but is a 1/1. It is a piece of the small Steelers logo on the chest of the jersey. It is 5 colors...little bit of white/Black/silver/white/little bit of blue in bottom right corner from logo.

    PLMK and PM me if interested


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