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Thread: Is this legit?

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    Is this legit?

    I have a buddy that works at the local card shop and says his buddy has a few of these certed from Mounted memories just like the one above and was wondering if I should pick one up. He said they are 100% authentic and real.

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    the better question is, if it is real, why hasnt someone picked it up yet?

    $249 is a steal for an authentic Autographed jersey of someone of his status
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    Oops! Looks like someone just leveled the playing field!

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    Quote Originally Posted by thenext54 View Post
    the better question is, if it is real, why hasnt someone picked it up yet?

    $249 is a steal for an authentic Autographed jersey of someone of his status
    exactly what i was thinkin..

    enless if everyone else is questioning its authenticity as well.

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    Well my buddy said his friend has a couple of them that I can have for like $260ish each, the pro bowl jersey authenticated by the same company which this company from what I heard does all the authenticating or something for all the big shows. That's just what my buddy told me. I think I might pick one up for $260 off of him.

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    if it is truly from mounted memories than it should be legit. mounted memories is the company that the nfl uses when selling memorabilia
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    yah its legit, I wouldn't question it if its MM

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    I dont think it is an authentic jersey... just a replica jersey signed by him... an authentic jersey would go for much more than 250 by itself much less autographed.... I would say the auto is definitely legit though
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    Mounted Memories (MM) is as legit as it gets, they are up there with Upper Deck and Steiner, IMO. MM used to just have a basic hologram that came with a matching COA card, and the COA had a description of the item. MM now using serial numbered holograms that can be verified on their website. The jersey in the link looks like it has one of the older MM holograms, which means that it should be accompanied with the matching COA card (see link below). I would be a little suspicious if he didn't have the matching COA card, plus that price seems too good to be true for a legit for a Tom Brady signed jersey.

    Lastly, I'm no Brady expert, but all of the Brady auto's I've seen have him signing "Tom", not just a T. The auto in your link looks different than any other Brady auto from MM and Upper Deck.

    Link to MM Brady jersey with COA: aultDomain_0?hash=item3ef6e13313&_trksid=p3286.c0. m14&_trkparms=65%3A12%7C66%3A2%7C39%3A1%7C72%3A120 5%7C293%3A1%7C294%3A50
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