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    Arrow Looking for the Brendan Morrow Black Diamond Rookie Card

    anyone have it?? PLMK what you want for it. thanks!

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    yo,i have 1.also have these dallas g/u,inserts:
    2002 titanium #34 modano jersey[white]
    02-03 upper deck dm-mm 3 color modano
    02-03 ud gt-mt 2 color turco
    02-03 mask vc-mtturco green
    99-00 bap #82 morrow auto
    00-01 gold lable b2
    97-98 paramount #8 team checklist x2
    00-01 ic2 modano
    looking for seidenberg,somik,heatley,kovalchuk

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    i want the morrow, and these cards:

    02-03 upper deck dm-mm 3 color modano
    02-03 mask vc-mtturco green

    my trading list is in my sig. i dont know what i have of the players you want, but take a look and maybe we could work something out. thanks!

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    looking for the brendan morrow

    sorry,but there is nothing off your list i could use.

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    Originally posted by mistyenforcer1970
    I got a Morrow UD MVP RC..Misty

    anything off my list you would like for it??

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