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    PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU POST! Issues to be addressed

    Everything started going a lot better after we made a concerted effort to play nicer in here around election time....but things have been going downhill again recently. We need to stop that now before things get out of control. So here are a few issues that I have noticed or have been brought up recently:

    Cheap shots: Last year, there were many blatant insults and it was easy to discern personal attacks and deal with them. Everyone did tone it down, which is appreciated, but several of you are taking cheap shots that push the limit of what is allowed and what is an insult. This needs to stop. There doesn't need to be any questioning someone's intelligence, name calling of any kind, whether vulgar or not, or any kind of personal insult, no matter how weak. If you disagree with them, say so, tell them why, and feel free to debate, but debating doesn't include attacking someone's intelligence, character, or reputation.

    This includes attacks on Mike. Everyone gets it, he left and then came's old news and making comments about it is getting really old and annoying. And just because he's the owner doesn't mean you can take shots at him that you wouldn't at another member. As with everything else, if you want to debate, debate...but stop with the childish cheap shots at him.

    You can say what you want about public figures and anyone not on this board, as long as it's not vulgar or is not a blanket statement that includes members (ie liberals/conservatives, Democrats/Republicans). But if the person is a member, keep it civil.

    Thread hijacking: This is getting popular again. It's really, really simple: If you have something relevant to add to the topic that is on-topic, post it...if you're going to refer to another thread or take a cheap shot or say something like "Bush did it first," don't bother. If you're not going to stay on-topic and add something constructive to the conversation, save your breath.

    Language filter: The language filter is there for a reason...if you type a filtered word with symbols or in any other way to go around the filter, it's against the rules and will be addressed. I don't see why that's so hard for some to understand....

    This isn't a specific issue like the above, just something general that just bugs me. Almost everyone in here complains about how politics and politicians today are just partisan bickering and insults thrown at each other and "playing politics" and no one is actually trying to do what's good for the people. And then they turn around and do exactly the same thing in the P&R forum. If you're tired of the things politicians do, why do you do it yourself? If the bickering and insults in national politics tick you off, why do you do it in the P&R forum? I think most of us want out politicians to be productive, hold constructive debate on issues, address the appropriate issues instead of pointing fingers and slinging mud...then why don't you do it too?

    I've watched thread traffic recently and noticed something...not surprising at all, but very telling. I try to post threads about political and religious world events and issues...for the most part, they get little to no attention. The threads that get the most posts are the ones that start a liberal/conservative or Republican/Democrat or religious/non-religious argument. Just like the national and international scene...everyone wants to play politics and fight with each other, but no one cares about actually addressing the issues.

    I'm not going to ask you to change that, everyone is free to participate in politics however they want. Just think about it...if you're tired of seeing out representatives in government do it, why are you doing it yourself?

    Anyway, I think that's it for now...just try to be better behaved in general. I know things get heated, I know people say things you disagree with or think are outright dumb, I know you think you know the answers and the other side has no clue...we all do! But when you're going to post, just stick to the topic, respect each other's beliefs and opinions, and leave out all the useless fighting, bickering, jabs, cheap shots, insults, etc. I know it's hard sometimes, believe me, I could probably write a book with the things I've wanted to post but didn't. Just make a conscious effort to do better and you'll see this place get a lot better and be a lot more fun.

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    Eh I may get in trouble for this but who cares.

    Alright a few things I just want to say... We are talking politics, it's a subject where anyone who cares about it will get fired up from time to time.... Cheap insults will happen, and honestly it's not necessarily a bad thing. Things are said for a reason, it's the evolution (Excuse me, intelligent design) of the conversation and sometimes things just need to take there course. I find when one thread is closed down, many more become closed down, in my opinion because people just take the bickering to another thread. Most of us who post in this section are of voting age, I think we should all be able to take a few jabs about our manhood from someone on the internet. If you don't have thick enough skin to deal with it, you should be getting help.

    The past few weeks everyone has been over reacting. (Im sorry, but Im going to use a Mike Vs Mike post as an example because it was these posts that motivated me for this one)

    Quote Originally Posted by gatorboymike View Post
    Climate change studies: $79 billion
    Cap and trade legislation: $1 trillion
    Mike getting angry: priceless

    There are some government policies money can't buy. For everything else, there's whining and griping on the Internet.
    Quote Originally Posted by mikesilvia View Post
    And for attacking me? A warning. Attack another member you are banned. Any questions?

    Stick to posting on topic vice about me and others and you will be fine.
    Id hardly call that an attack on mike. Everyone who reads this section knows Mike S. is one of the most passionate people on here... and because of that he sometimes overlooks things or omits them to drive his points home (As do a lot of people). Nothing GBM said was offensive, he made a joke. If anything that was one of the least offensive posts GBM has ever written ;).

    There was a thread a while back where Yanksfan got into trouble for telling someone they didn't have debate skills. (Something deemed as an insult). I don't remember the whole situation and Im a lazy and don't want to look it up. But that is one of those situations where the way I see it he is saying, "Look, if you want to have an actual discussion on the issue, you have to follow rules ABC, instead of XYZ."

    People on this board have turned into a bunch of Divas (Im so mad at myself for using that word.). We are all a dysfunctional family, I don't think anything that is said on here is actually meant to hurt the person on the other side of the computer. When insults are at the point where people are talking about each other mommas/how they are an inbred hick from the south/ birthed from a Redwood tree in Northern California (insult for hippie liberals, sorry I couldn't think of anything better than that), then take some action.

    All im saying is the constant threats of banning need to stop, threads are going to evolve and yes sometimes that means get off topic (Just try and steer the conversation back on topic). Language filter, yes please try and respect it, but at the same time no words are ever said that we haven't heard before / say ourselves every day.

    When insults are at the point where people are talking about each other mommas/how they are an inbred hick from the south/ probably birthed from a Redwood tree in Northern California, then take some action.

    This post will probably get dismissed or deleted, oh well.

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    Thanks for the input Rock. I would actually say the cheap insults are a de-evolution of the conversation, not evolution, but I get what you mean. And I'm not going to try to censor you said, politics and religion are subjects people are very passionate about and a lot of times that shows in their posts. I'm not trying at all to kill that passion, just keep things more civil around here. The small things that are said in jest or poking fun, I have no problem with...other mods might and take action on it, so be careful with that.

    I really don't think it's too much to ask to discuss politics and religion in a civil and respectful way. After all, that's what we want from actual politicians, how can we expect if from them if we don't do it ourselves. I don't usually sweat the small stuff...I think that has been proven in the past and I don't plan on changing that. But there have been more and more issues coming up that are more than just small stuff. If you don't see that, you're either blind or too desensitized by the cable news networks. Those are the things we want to stop.

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    If I may add just one thing....

    It is one thing to debate, argue , and the such but PLEASE remember one thing and that is that we are a Family Oriented Site and we do have some younger members that may wonder in this forum.

    I'm not saying not to argue, or debate or even get angry but just do it in a manner that is tasteful and within the rules

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