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    i would never send anything to beckett, everybody knows that there crooks and i'm positive that there the ones responsible for this. if it was someone at UPS wouldn't they have just took all 3 cards and claim it was lost in the mail or packaged the other back or something? they have access to much easier ways if they wanted to steal something from you. dont let off on beckett but from past experiances they will just keep telling you that there not responsible for them.

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    WOW! I'm so sorry this happened, I hope they reimburse you somehow, which I don't know they could with the cards you sent. This is why I would never send in any of my cards to get graded...I would always fear something like this would happen. Wow...hope this ends in a good way for you...

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    Kind of a bad Idea to send UPS ground. You should use delivery confirmation or insurance and then use priority or first class

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    UPS is way better than USPS IMO

    It has to be signed for delivery, which it was, I spoke to ups and sent them the pics

    They said that its very suspicious why the person who signed didnt refuse the package.

    Then why does beckett tell me they got 3 cards instead of 4, to 1 card instead of 4?

    DEFINATELY Beckett looks like the scammers here. I cant even get anyone on the **** phone

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    Sue them!
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    *Bring me your Rudy Fernandez and George Hill.

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    wow, bad business. drive up there to beckett head quater and let them know what is up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Call the number and tell them you will file a police report

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