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Thread: Shaqamania Is Runnin' Wild!

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    Shaqamania Is Runnin' Wild!

    WWE Monday Night Raw has been doing this gimmick where they have a special guest host every week.Next weeks host will be none other than Shaquille O'Neal.Shaq is a lifelong wrestling fan who once appeared with Hulk Hogan in WCW.Last weeks host was Seth Green, who actually wrestled in the main event.It will be interesting to see if Shaq gets in the ring.Though I'm not sure his contract will allow it
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    This would be fuuny and my son would love this. He is a huge Shaquille fan

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    What a tub of lard...
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    Hahaha Shaq's hilarious. I am fairly sure though that he can't risk getting injured in the ring.
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    Raw will be fun to watch next week, i heard about this, this morning, he will get in the ring, but it'll be something like throwing a punch, basically he'd wrestle as much as Seth Green...not at all
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    probably do the same thing pac man jones did, tag team match letting the other guy do everything lol
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    Seth Green wrestled? lol
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    i was wondering why shaq was in DC. i saw him talking on twitter about walking up to the white house lol.

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