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Thread: Welcome to the Graphics Forums

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    Welcome to the Graphics Forums

    Many of you know me either through trades or my banners. This is a new forum for SCF and want to welcome everyone to it. If you wish to request a signature banner there are plenty of artist here. Either use a thread already posted about making banners or create you own.

    Please be specific with what or who you want on it. Also remember the people doing them may not know anything about John Doe in nascar, or baseball hockey etc. So help them out as best you can.

    Lastly I ask for your patience once you request one. They take time to do and someone will get to your request!!!

    If your an artist and wish to help out lmk. One thing in helping- You may not charge people to do requests!!! Now if you wish to charge people no problems just create a thread that tells them exactly that!

    This is just another way we here at SCF want you to enjoy your time and the boards better! Looking forward to those requests!!!!

    Thanks George

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    check my new thread in the Graphic forum! Have one ready if you could make one!
    I'm SCF's official Glen Davis super-collector!
    I also collect Rob Gronkowski, Jon Lester, Paul Pierce, James Harden, & Jed Lowrie, & Rajon Rondo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jsox View Post
    check my new thread in the Graphic forum! Have one ready if you could make one!
    are u allowed to make banners for money or just card cash

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    Good luck with that. There are several members like myself that do them for free, so don't know anyone who would pay money for one. But have at it.

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