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    What to Make trades tonight so i can ship out tomorrow with other deals

    02 UD Sweet Spot Jabar Gaffney Blue Jersey 193/350
    02 UD Sweet Spot Reche Caldwell White Jersey
    01 Playoff Honors Rookie Tandems James Jackson/Quincy Morgan Brown jerseys
    01 UD Ovation Rookie Gear Rod Garner Jersey Red Jersey
    02 Fleer Hot Prospects William Green Future Swatch Brown
    03 Sage Hit Class of 2003 Kevin Curtis Gold Auto 92/100
    02 Fleer Hot Prospects Tracy McGrady Hot Materials GU'd Shorts White piece...

    I'm looking for other Game used and Autos...Would consider nice Rookies...Looking for Roy Williams, Newman, Portis, Lelie, McAllister, Tomlinson, David Boston, Shockey, Harrington, Carr, Culpepper, Micheal Bennett...And others I would consider....

    email me at

    Thanks Clay

    Clay Scott "Claybate"

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    I have

    Lelie Fleer rookie

    Shockey Topps rookie

    Portiss Fleer rookie

    I am interested in Kobe Bryant cards/inserts

    PM me


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    what do you want for them...Are they in nice shape...

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