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    A little help on prices please:)

    Ok, I have a HOCKEY ROYALTY~~~16/25. Its in the attachment...whats the value give/take?
    That weirdo at the game blasting his trumpet with a sens jersey)

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    Thanks. Where do you get your prices with the numbering figured in? I have a 1999 VICTORY~Stacking the pads Cujo #389 if interested.

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    i get all my prices from Beckett Hockey Collector..and sorry I don't need the CuJo (BV $.60)

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    The Naslund/Sundin/Lidstrom books at $120 not $40 you have to x it by 3.The one #ed to 90 books at $40!

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    Still got that Bossy rc and Smith rc here for you. Would love that jersey. =)

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