Chuck's Card's

Here at chuck's card's we sell good quality cards to are
customers. Are customers come frist. I offer a 7 day money back
guaranteed if you are not satified with the cards

1974 Topps Baseball Commons they are ex+-nrmt condition for sale i have no scanner
to scan cards sorry. They came out set that I bought. They are $.25 each unless noted

1974 Topps Stars
* Pending
100 Willie Stargell $3.00 Nrmt
201 R.Carew/P.Rose $3.00ea (2) Available Ex+
203 R.Jackson/W.Stargell $2.50 Nrmt
220 Don Sutton $1.50 Nrmt
263 Checklists $1.50ea ex+ (no writing on them) (1) available
326 Sparky Anderson $1.50 ea (2) Available Ex+
331 C.Fisk/JBench $2.50 ea (4) Available Nrmt
333 R.Carew/J.Morgan $2.00 Ex+
338 R.Jackson/B.Williams $2.50 Ex+
470 Reggie Jackson alcs $2.50 Ex+
477 Reggie Jackson ws $2.50ea (3) Available Ex+
582 Bucky Dent Rc $2.50 ea (3) Available Ex+
599 Diorio/Freisleben/Riccelli/Shanahan Rc small $2.00 Ex-Ex+
654A Jesus Alou Npof $3.00 Ex+ (4)

Shipping cost (All Cards Ship in Bubble Envelope)
1-10 cards $.44
10-20 cards $1.50
20-30 cards $2.00
30-50 cards $2.50
50-100 cards will be 2-3 day mail $4.85 that's with a delivery confirmation

Please e-mail let me know which ones you want or if you
have question at or leave personal message and I'll get back to you

Payment Method
Money Order Next day shipping
Cashiers Checks Next day shipping
PayPal User id Next day shipping
Cash at own risk Next day shipping