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    1958 Topps Mickey Mantle #150 For sale

    I am offering this card for sale for the highest offer.

    The 4 corners have minimal signs of wear and all have a definite "point".

    There is no rounding on the corners. The only minor blemish is on the bottom-left corner. It looks like maybe a really tiny indentation, but in no way affects the visual appeal of the card.

    Centering, as you can tell from the picture, is just about perfect from side to side and about 60-40 from top to bottom.

    The edges are flawless and VERY cleanly cut.

    As you can see, no blemishes on the surface and color is vibrant and strong over the entire card.

    The back is a bit off center, but by no means miscut. Maybe 80-20 from side to side and just about perfect from top to bottom.

    Also no blemishes of any sort on the back of the card.

    Please PM offers or questions. I may not check back on this thread consistently. Thanks for the look!

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    PM sent...
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    This is listed on eBay right now with the Buy it now/best offer option. Feel free to make me an offer there or here. I have no problem pulling the auction and doing a deal through SCF.

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