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    BAP Parkhurst or BAP Memorabilia?

    I'm thinking of getting a box of 01-02 Parkhurst hockey or 01-02 BAP mem. hockey. Which one do you guys think is the better steal? Each is going to cost about $35 per box.



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    i'd say parkhurst. both boxes have good memorabilia but you have a chance of pulling a rookie /500 in the parkies

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    thanks guys, that's what I was leaning towards as well. I think I'll pick up some boxes of that.

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    I would buy both for that price. Memorbila has the stanley cup, Parkhurt isn't bad. They both have 1 jersey per box. I would go with Memorbila just because you get the stanley cup but many would have gone for Parkhurst.

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    is the stanley cup in the 01-02 boxes or just the 02-03 boxes? I read that it was in the 01-02 on Dave and Adams site but they didn't have it listed under the 02-03 box, which I'm positive has the mini cups. I'm not sure if they made a mistake on this or not.

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    it is 02-03, they got the year date wrong

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